Welcome back to my revived Wyzemoro Blog! This blog was my personal blog back in very old days, which is now moved here. This blog will now host what i love doing in my free time and will cover wide range of topics from Information Security, Privacy, Hacking, PenTest, IoT, Web, Network and Technology.

As a Information Security and Privacy Professional, i’m paranoid of my information details from getting hack. The biggest challenge i see in infosec and privacy particularly here in the Philippines is how we will protect and defend our infrastructures, hardwares and applications despite limited knowledge and resources.

I will share here all i know, my past experiences and further new learning from new technologies. This blog is intended to help system & network administrator in protecting their infrastructure and the ordinary people to safe guard their privacy information from malicious people or group. Expect there will be some news, commentaries, tips, guides and tutorials.

Thanks for reading! If you have suggestion for a blog post/article , comment here or hit me up in my contact in my social media accounts at facebook or twitter.